Beginner’s Guide To Creating A Dividend Stock Portfolio

Building a portfolio of stocks that pay steady and rising dividends provides beginner investors key benefits. The passive dividend income can supplement earned income. Dividend growers hedge inflation.  Focused dividend investing historically enhances total returns. And dividends cushion against market downturns. But how exactly does a novice investor strategically create their first dividend stock portfolio?  … Read more

How To Buy IPO Stocks Early Before They Start Publicly Trading

Getting in early on a hot IPO stock just as it starts trading is the holy grail for investors seeking multi-bagger returns. But the average retail trader faces slim odds actually receiving hyped-up IPO share allocations from their brokerage.  The privileged few recipients are typically institutions and ultra-high-net-worth clients. So how can everyday investors gain … Read more

Evaluating International Stocks From Emerging Markets For Growth

With developed markets growing at a sluggish 1-3% annual pace, investors are turning attention to emerging international markets which feature faster growth trajectories. Countries like China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico and more fit this description.  Their economies are modernizing, populations are young with rising incomes, and there is an appetite for consumer goods. This … Read more

How To Analyze A Company’s Financial Reports Before Buying Stocks

   Before investing your hard-earned money into a company’s stock, it is critical to analyze their financial reports to evaluate if the company is financially healthy and the stock price aligns with fundamentals.  The three main financial statements to review are the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. These reports give insight into … Read more

Guide To Paper Trading Accounts For Practicing Stock Investments

Paper trading allows you to simulate buying and selling stocks in order to practice trading strategies without putting any real money at risk. Also known as virtual stock trading, paper trading accounts provide an environment identical to real brokerages, but use imaginary money instead. Developing your skills on a paper trading platform is an invaluable … Read more